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Steam Oven

Features of Steam Oven

New proposal to pursue your unique and original taste.

Yanagiya’s steaming and grilling Steam Oven can expect better ways by controlling detailed conditions; such as texture and browning of the product.
  • High efficiency, Time and Energy saving
  • ”Steam”, "Bake", "Steam-grill", 3 feature in 1 machine.
  • Custom-made heating conditions
  • Custom-made design

Ultra-high efficiency, and thermal emissivity of infrared heater 85%!!

The Infrared light heater uses "Light" released by the high temperature filament in the heated quartz tube. Almost all of them are invisible infrared rays and this is efficient thermogenesis in various ways. 
Also, this is eco-friendly (CO2 reduction, energy & cost saving) direct heating method by absorbed infrared rays without contact the products.

Controlling cooking process by conbination of infrared heater (near/mid/far). Also, this can controll temperature and we can design according to your desired specification.

Moist & Fluffy texture




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