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Crab Stick Line

Crab Stick Machines

Compact design with Drum Steamer.
Significant Energy & Labor saving

Energy・Space Save

Required installation space is half of our former machine (The length of the heating unit is 1.8m) and the running cost is 1/4 (in comparison with our former machine).


Super Drum Steamer is able to make products of steady quality in steaming from the inside and outside of the drum. Because this Super Drum Steamer can process in the higher temperature (85-87℃) and the shorter time (15-20 sec.) in comparison with our former machine, the products have improved elasticity and scattered sensation after thin-cutting. Moreover, the adjusting of heating temperature, heating time, humidification and/or non-humidificatoin enable to diversify Imitation Crab Meat extensively.


This Super Drum Steamer is easily operated and adjusted due to the simple structure. It requires little maintenance due to using of the solid drum. Further, the working environment in the factory improves remarkable because it does not use gas.

Molding Machine

  • It produces fixed quantity by using a gear pump.
  • Variable speed of the machine makes it possible to adjust the discharge freely.
  • Molding nozzle is adjustable. so that the width and thickness of sheets can be easily changed.

Super Drum Steamer

Saving space and labor
  • The length of our former Cooking machine was 10-13m, but our new Super Drum Steamer is only 1.8m, which is very compact.
  • Reduction in heating times has achieved energy savings and lower costs.

Cooling Conveyor

Thin Cutting Machine

Thin-Cutting Knife pich is changeable between 0.6-1.5mm

Bundling Machine

Gathering Thin-cutted sheets and bundling them in rope shape.


Inner Wrapping & Cutting Machine

  • This cutting machine can cut the fixed legth with rotating blade.
  • The double type Inner Wrapping & Cutting Machine, which is able to cut 2 topes at the same time, achieves the space-saving.
  • There're two types of method for coloring, colored meat type and liquid type.

High Speed Slicer

  • This produces Kizami (the shredded products) in one process.

High Speed Cutter

  • This cutter can be used for Kizami and diagonal cut products.
  • It can accurately feed the materials. Regardless of the thickness of slices, this cutter can carry out a uniform cutting process.
  • The width of slices can be adjusted in 20 stage; 0.5-20mm. 

Chunk Cutter

  • The bar shape products can be cut diagonally in succession.


Crab Stick
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