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Origin of Yanagiya

Origin of Yanagiya - Yanagiya Spirits

        Motosuke Yanagiya, the founder of Yanagiya, was engaged in the "kamaboko manufacturing business" started by his father (Yonezo) at the age of 13, and by the time he was 16 (1916), he had succeeded his father as the breadwinner of the family.  By the time he was 20, he had opened a new store and grew it into one of the largest kamaboko restaurants in Ube City, competing for 1 or 2 spots.
        The Yanagiya Kamaboko Store used the name of his father, Yonezo, to refer to its registered trademark as Marumai (rice in a circle), so rice stores across the country couldn't use the store name, so they tried to buy the trademark for a large sum of money.
        Motosuke also always thought of a business that would serve many people.  In the summer of 1931, he opened the largest and cheapest restaurant in the city, right next to the Kamaboko factory.  This Yanagiya Restaurant was one of the largest in Ube, and its extremely low prices made it famous in neighboring cities and even rural villages.  However, Yanagiya Restaurant was burned down in an air raid in 1945 and was never rebuilt.
        Meanwhile, in December 1941, Motosuke became the first president of the Ube Kamaboko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as the Ube Kamaboko Godo Kumiai (Ube Kamaboko Joint Union), which was formed through a corporate alliance of 8 kamaboko manufacturers in Ube City.  In February 1944, he changed the organization to a joint-stock company, renamed it "Ube Suisan Neriseihin Kogyo Co., Ltd." and became president.  The company was renamed "Ube Suisan Food Co., Ltd." in June 1947 and "Ubekamaboko Co., Ltd." in November 1949, and continued to serve as president until January 1955.
        In addition, while operating a restaurant and a kamaboko manufacturing business, Motosuke considered mechanization of the kamaboko raw materials, which had been his handiwork. After much research and experimentation in his daily work (kamaboko manufacturing), in 1927, he finally filed a utility model application for a grinding and kneading machine to manufacture kamaboko.
        The application was registered as a utility model in the following year, 1928.  While utility model applications and registrations were repeated, he filed a patent application for a grinding machine in 1930.  On January 28, 1931, he was finally granted the first proprietary patent (patent No. 90050), and in June 1932, he opened an ironworks shop.
        The mechanization of the "kneading" process, one of the heaviest tasks in kamaboko production, gained a reputation among kamaboko shops across the country, and Yanagiya-style Grinding Kneaders were shipped nationwide.  Since then, he has developed fish meat processing machines and kamaboko-type machines one after another, and was honored with the Invention Award in 1951, the Governor's Award in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1952, and the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in 1955 for his dedication to the invention and development of marine processing machines.
As a result, Yanagiya was founded in 1916 (1916) when Motosuke, who built the foundation of the current machine manufacturer, took over the family business, Yanagiya Kamaboko Store.
        And the soul of the founder, Motosuke, was passed on to the second president, Yukio Yanagiya, in 1957.  In the year following his appointment as president, Yukio began to develop a large grinding machine for the mass production of fish sausage and a stirrer for the chemical industry. Along with beginning to develop and move into different industries, he constructed and moved a new company building and factory next to Ube Station, followed by the Yokohama office, and expanded operations by opening the Osaka office.
        After the development of frozen ground meat, the company developed a new raw material processing device, the Silent Cutter, which became a major catalyst for mass production in the industry.  This led to the development of mass-produced plate-type forging machines and rear-line large automatic sitting steamers, quenchers, and coolers, laying the foundation for the industry's modernization equipment.
        Yoshio Yanagiya became the company's third president in 1975.  This brings us to the present.
Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd.
189-18, Yoshiwa, Ube city, 
Yamaguchi pref., 759-0134,
TEL: +81-836-62-1661
FAX: +81-836-62-1611
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