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Top Share - Crab Stick Line 

In the field of surimi-based products processing machinery, we have been conducting research and development for many years since our founding and have always maintained the top market share in the world.
In particular, the "crab stick" developed in the mid-1970s has grown into an international healthy seafood beloved by people worldwide, and much of its production is supported by Yanagiya's "crab stick line."
Yanagiya's products are adapted to production methods and raw material formulations according to each country's dietary habits and food culture and have realized various products such as crab claw meat-ish and leg meat-ish textures.
Today, Yanagiya has a global market share of about 70% in crab stick production equipment.
High-speed vacuum cutter"Ball Cutter BC420"
There are various types of surimi-based products, such as grilled kamaboko, steamed kamaboko, chikuwa, fried kamaboko, crab sticks, whipped kamaboko, and fish sausage.
For most of our products, everything from small to large is custom-made.
Chikuwa Line
Ball Cutter "BCZ250"
Silent Cutter "SC300"
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