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Maintenance Network

In order to provide safety and peace of mind to our customers, Yanagiya conducts Before Maintenance and After Maintenance.
During busy times, such as the end of the year, the system is designed to prevent problems by means of before-maintenance, to provide regular after-sales maintenance after delivery, and to ensure that engineers at the head office and branch offices respond promptly to emergencies.
In order to satisfy our customers, both in Japan and overseas, we have a direct Yanagiya service system that does not rely on our agents to perform maintenance faster and more reliably, providing peace of mind and safety.

Please feel free to contact us.

We visit and maintain the machines directly from Japan to the world.

Overseas Maintenance Services

Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd.
189-18, Yoshiwa, Ube city, 
Yamaguchi pref., 759-0134,
TEL: +81-836-62-1661
FAX: +81-836-62-1611
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