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Fully-Automatic System
Supply to package, filling soymilk, coagulation, forming, cutting and packing 

3 minutes coagulation time Tofu series production was realized by the joule heating. This is the first development in the industry. 

â– Outline
This equipment is epoch-making Tofu production equipment which makes each process, such as coagulation, forming, cutting and packing, with one equipment.
Especially, the latest joule heating technology that attracted attentions as a new method was applied.

â– Feature

  • Space-saving, worker-saving, sanitary
    In this equipment, the KM type box in Kinu (Silken) Tofu coagulation process is unnecessary. Because the processes from coagulation to packing are done by one equipment, the machine installation space can be reduced to 1/3 compared with the existing installation space. Moreover, the worker in each process is unnecessary and very hygiene.
  • Mass production
    Joule heating method heats faster oblong Tofu is formed in the cylinder, and the large amount of production is possible at a time.
  • Outstanding quantitative, increased yield and freely adjusted product height
    Compared with cutting (length, width), many varieties can be produced because this machine forms Tofu in cylindrical (rectangular parallelepiped), cuts only height, does packing product freely.
  • 3 minutes in coagulation time, deliciousness to maximum
    Everyone can easily produce Tofu with 100% pure Nigari (coagulant) that use in Kinu (Silken) Tofu is difficult so far. Moreover, peculiar to the joule heating, the excellent texture and the taste are obtained. Also, more delicious Tofu can be produced compare with the usual Kinu Tofu even if the coagulants other than 100% pure Nigari.

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