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Syncronize thin-cutting, stirring, kneading
Silent Cutter achieved kneading and mixing as well as Grinding Kneader, and is added various artifices and improvements to process in a short time. Silent Cutter with mixing function finishes up the raw material with the best condition, and it is possible to expect the capacity increases, the labor saving, and the time crunch.
Its durability is also preeminent and the operation is also easy.

■ Feature

  • The scraper is set beside the mixing function. First, the material which is placed on the bowl surface is scraped by the scraper. Then they are quickly mixed and kneaded by the mixing function. This is why Silent Cutter can produce the completely finished products without leaving any unkneaded material on the bowl surface.
  • Mixing and kneading are done simultaneously by the mixing blades. During this process the necessity amount(s) of the water is added, therefore the material comes-up glossy.
  • The material volume increases and comes-up softer since much air can sneak into the material during the mixing process.
  • Silent Cutter is easy to control the temperature since the mixing function is operated according to the change of the speed(s) of both knife and bowl.

■ Size
SC550 - 500 lit.
SC450 - 450 lit.
SC350 - 350 lit.
SC300 - 300 lit.
SC230 - 230 lit.
SC150 - 150 lit.
SC120 - 120 lit.
SC60N - 60 lit.

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