Squeezing Machine "Meister Series"

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TWIN MEISTER capacity 180-300 kg/hr
â– Feature

  • This machine made a highly efficient squeezing. (Standard Capacity is approx. 70%)
    Therefore, a large number of yields improve and the disposal cost of OKARA (Tofu refuse) decreases.
  • Even boiled GO (slurry) or raw GO with high consistency can be squeezed easily by a squeezing method using two special roller filters provided with holes of 0.1 mm diameter.
  • The machine is designed to compact or space-saving.
  • Moisture content can be optionally adjusted with a pressure adjusting board in the range of 65-75%.
  • The soaking and self respiring method of rollers have solved clogging and allowed continuous and stable operation without reducing the capacity.
  • The automatic circulating system facilitates troublesome mechanical washing (CIP washing).

TWIN MEISTER Jr. capacity 60-120 kg/hr

  • Twin Meister Jr. is designed and produced by making the best use of the merit of Twin Meister for some customers processing 60-120 kg/hr.

ECOno. MEISTER capacity 30-60 kg/hr

  • ECOno. Meister is a soymilk squeezing machine making the Best use of the roller system continuous squeezing technology Which is the biggest characteristic of Twin Meister, and Improved for small scale production. This machine has structure of Twin Meister, that is, realizes the low-cost and simple structure. The processing capacity is 30-60 kg/hr (moisture content 72-77%). Squeezing can be adjusted easily by only opening and closing a valve at the inlet for boiled GO while watching the condition of TOFU refuse. In addition, that compact and simple design makes cleaning and maintenance easier because of a less number of parts and space-saving.

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